Monday 26 March 2012

Lumiere: London's Coolest Bar

I believe I may have discovered London's coolest bar. Really. I'm not sure when you can get in, though. Read on in this article for Scout London to find out why...

Random discoveries are one of the best things about living in London. No matter how much time you spend flitting between pubs, bars and restaurants (we’ve spent quite a bit) there’s always a new discovery to be made. A hidden gem as other publications would say.

Well, few gems come as hidden as Lumiere on Chatsworth Road.  It sits round the corner from Homerton Hospital and looks fairly normal from outside. To many a passer-by, its most distinguishing feature is that it’s usually shut. A step inside, however, and you’ll be transported into a utopian cornucopia of madcap cocktails, exuberant juices and voluptuous cakes. You’ll lose hours of time and emerge bleary eyed wondering what the heck happened. As regulars have come to say, you will have experienced Lumiere.

As with all the best things in life, this is a place which must be experienced to be fully understood, but in the name of appetite whetting, there’s underfloor lighting, flickering chandeliers, mildly disturbing artwork and a forest of plants. A basement shower cubicle offers solace for the tobacco needy without having to leave the venue, whilst a VIP room will bag you free peanuts if you can get a seat.
The crazy genius behind such a place also goes by the name of Lumiere and is recognisable for his uncanny resemblance to Russell Brand. He opens up more or less when he feels like it, so it’s best to email to check. Believe us, it’s worth a few attempts. And anyway, after one visit you’ll become an old friend and next thing you know he’ll be opening up especially for you.
This place really doesn’t care about being cool, but in the process has become the epitome of it. Get yourselves down there now, write off the next day and whatever you do don’t leave without having had a cocktail made with the water from bags of mozzarella, and having taken a bite out of a Milf Cookie or two.

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