Monday, 12 September 2011

The World's Hottest Cocktail. Done.

A spot of bravado here, in the form of me consuming what is reputedly the world's hottest cocktail. That's in terms of chilli, not degrees. I fearlessly (sort of) devour the fiery Illiana cocktail at Zenna bar in Soho.

Named after a mythological Indian golden dragon, the rum-based cocktail comes topped up with a bespoke chilli sauce and requires the signing of a waiver form before consumption. It's also thoughtfully paired with a 'fire extinguisher' filled with Gin Fizz to help tame the inevitable burn.

Thanks to fabulous food blogger and general wino about town Lucy Shaw for filming and providing commentary. And, of course, for persuading me to drink it in the first place. Follow Lucy @lucylondon and read her gastronomic tales at

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  1. "No Rum at the Inn" is a cocktail that dates from the 1930's and contains no hot sauce - or any rum (thus the name).